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Professional Will Preparation in Edmonton

Need a Will? Work with an experienced Edmonton Estate Lawyer. Priced from $250*.

Creating a Will is an important step in protecting and preserving your legacy. Without a valid Will, your assets may not be passed along in the way you intended. Don't leave your family behind with lengthy, expensive, and stressful delays. Get a Will today.

Get a Will & personal directives to protect & preserve your legacy.

With a current and professional Will, you can relax knowing your final wishes will be upheld in a swift and cost-effective manner.

Making sure you have your personal directive in place protects your personal wishes incase you are unable to make medical decisions yourself. We recommend adding this to your Will package. 

Working with an Edmonton lawyer on your will has benefits.

Access to expereince
Regular updates
Thorough & complete
Cost effective
Legally binding
Dispute prevention
Probate strategies
Tax strategies
Dispute support

Why use a local lawyer to get a Will?

Your will is one of the most important documents you will create. It will determine the fate of your legacy and greatly impact the ones you leave behind. With the help of an experienced lawyer, a thorough and legally binding will can be created to assure your last wishes are fulfilled.

Peace of Mind

With a legally binding will, you can rest assured your legacy will be passed down as you intended.

Assurance for Loved Ones

Preparing a valid will guarantees your loved ones are not left with the stress and costs of handling your estate.

Legally Binding

A will that is professionally prepared will meet all legal requirements, ensuring costly changes are not required after your death.

Advice from Experience

Experienced lawyers can offer helpful advice during will preparation. This guidance will allow you to make the best decisions for your estate.

Not having a valid Will adds $1,000s in unnecessary costs to your estate disbursements.

If you do not have a valid Will, give yourself a deadline to get it done. Our $200 Will package offers a great way to protect your legacy. 

Creating a Will that's right for you

Having a Will should be a top priority. If you do not have a valid will, give yourself a deadline to get it done.
Our professional Will experts in Edmonton know how to put together a Will appropriate for your legacy.


Our team will ensure your wishes are clearly and accurately represented.

2. Discuss Updates

We will guarantee that your will reflects your current circumstances and that of your beneficiaries. This will ensure the proper handling of your estate upon death.

3. Discuss Probate

Don't leave your family behind with long delays, high costs and excessive taxes. We help you implement strategies for reducing probate delays and expenses.

4. Draft & Review

Before anything is set in stone, our team will draft a will for your review. This is your legacy - we'll work closely with you until it's just right.
of Canadian adults do not have a Will.

Get a Will in Edmonton from $250.

Our team of Will building experts will help you protect everything that matters including the things you might not think of if you do your own Will. 

Basic Will Package


Our standard Will package includes everything you  need to protect your legacy. 
Request a Will Kit

Premium Will 


Premium will package includes Will package, Personal Directive & an enduring Power of Attorney legal documents.
Free Will Consultation
Contact Christopher Taskey to find out more about our Will preparation services. 

See what people say about our legal team.

  • "Chris has done one mortgage, two wills and is in the process of settling an estate for us. He is quick, thorough, informative and knowledgeable. It is comforting to know when something happens, I can “call my lawyer”. Appreciate the great service and expertise."
    Briana Miller
  • "One of the best law firms in town. Chris is very good to deal with, gets things done in a timely and cost efficient manner. Would highly recommend Mr. Taskey."
    Faruq Vishram
  • "Very helpful,  very informative, couldnt ask for a better person to have helped me out. Would recommend."
    Jeff S.
  • "Chris did my will, as well as helped set up my brothers business. I have also sent a few friends his way. He did a fantastic job at a fair price!"
    Spencer Bennett
  • "Chris has done my will, handled my real estate the past few years, my separation, and much of my corporate work.  I trust him so much I have sent many friends and family as well.  He is fair in his pricing and isn’t the lawyer who charges by the minute.  He’s the guy that gives lawyers a good name."
    Rae-ann Wood-Schatz
  • "Chris and his team are absolutely top notch. Always a great atmosphere when I closed my real estate deals with him. A++++"
    Justin Fraser

Most common Will questions.

  • What if you die without a Will (Intestate)?

    I have had to deal with too many Canadians and their regret that a relative or friend did not have a valid will when they died. Example. I know of a woman who lived to 100, receiving congratulatory letters from the Prime Minister and the Queen. Her will had been revised in accordance with her wishes. However, she was hospitalized in an emergency and never got to sign that revised will. Following her death, with no signature, the courts decided on a previous will, splitting the estate in ways contrary to her wishes.

  • Do I really need a Lawyer to prepare my Will?

    Of course not. You may be able to take the time to put together a legally binding document that will stand up in court But there are many ways to make a mistake and I assure you our clients do not want their intentions thwarted following their death. From past experience I can tell you that without a valid will, this can get very complicated and nasty to resolve. Let’s face it, when we die, we don’t want our assets going to relatives we didn’t care about, causes we didn’t like, or government coffers. Much will depend on the intestate laws of where you live, and whoever is appointed to handle your estate.

  • Do I need a Power of Attorney as well as a Will?

    Since we are all going to die, we need a Will.  However, a PoA is not required. Having said that, putting a PoA in place is an extraordinarily smart action on your part. If you were to lose capacity without one, you could expose your family to potential feuds. Consider your PoA as insurance against that.

  • What is a Personal Directive (Living Will)?

    A Personal Directive is the legal term used in Alberta, somewhat equivalent to the term “Living Will” used elsewhere. It’s a decision by you to give authority to another person to act on your behalf if you are unable to do so yourself. For example, if you are ill and clearly in no position to make decisions. Your lawyer will help you draw up a suitable Personal Directive to reflect your wishes.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Free Will resources. 

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