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Our full-service law firm is here to help.

From family law to personal injury, Christopher Taskey and his team of experienced Edmonton lawyers can assist with all your legal needs across all major areas of law practice.

Work with a full-service Edmonton law team.

When you work with Christopher Taskey, you gain access to numerous lawyers with decades of legal experience in various fields. Whatever your legal needs may be, we have a lawyer who can help.

Hiring a local law firm with decades of experience has benefits.

Proven legal advice
Expert legal guidance
Peace of mind
Timely results
Favourable outcomes
Experiential knowledge
Personalized services
Friendly legal team

Why work with our legal team?

As a top-rated law firm, we offer friendly, personalized service. When you work with Christopher Taskey, you can be confident that you have the best legal team in Edmonton on your side.

Decades of Experience

Benefit from years of legal success and experience.

Full-Service Law Firm

Gain access to expert lawyers in all legal fields.

Friendly, Personalized Service

Make legal matters less intimidating with our friendly team.

Up-Front Legal Fees

Reduce stress with up-front legal fees that won't keep you guessing.

Legal Consultations are Free.

If you require legal guidance, don't wait. Speak with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. We offer a free consultation session to discuss your unique situation.

Additional Legal Services We Provide 

Our full-service law team is here to help with all your legal needs.

Family Law

Legal advice and timely outcomes to help minimize stress on you and your family.

Personal Injury

The legal expertise you need to get the compensation you deserve.

Business Law

Expert guidance and comprehensive agreements that ensure your business investments are protected.

Civil Litigation

Proven experience and strong representation for favourable outcomes.

Our lawyers are top rated in Edmonton.

  • "Chris has done one mortgage, two wills and is in the process of settling an estate for us. He is quick, thorough, informative and knowledgeable. It is comforting to know when something happens, I can “call my lawyer”. Appreciate the great service and expertise."
    Briana Miller
  • "One of the best law firms in town. Chris is very good to deal with, gets things done in a timely and cost efficient manner. Would highly recommend Mr. Taskey."
    Faruq Vishram
  • "Very helpful,  very informative, couldnt ask for a better person to have helped me out. Would recommend."
    Jeff S.
  • "Chris did my will, as well as helped set up my brothers business. I have also sent a few friends his way. He did a fantastic job at a fair price!"
    Spencer Bennett
  • "Chris has done my will, handled my real estate the past few years, my separation, and much of my corporate work.  I trust him so much I have sent many friends and family as well.  He is fair in his pricing and isn’t the lawyer who charges by the minute.  He’s the guy that gives lawyers a good name."
    Rae-ann Wood-Schatz
  • "Chris and his team are absolutely top notch. Always a great atmosphere when I closed my real estate deals with him. A++++"
    Justin Fraser

Frequently asked questions:

  • Are there Provincial differences in Power of Attorney requirements?

    Yes. Provinces each have their own interpretation of PoA. Check what those conditions are for the Province where you live.

  • Can I schedule a consultation?

    If you’ve made it this far, the best thing to do is schedule a consultation with me. Bring whoever you need to attend.

    During the consultation we can discuss any additional questions you have without a commitment to work with me. I want you to feel comfortable with me before you decide.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

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