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Family Law

Marital break up or the dissolution of any relationship can produce very difficult issues to deal with. As a result, filling for a divorce or a separation often requires the skill of an experienced family lawyer to help split up property and determine spousal support or alimony.

Children are often the first concern of parents, regardless of the nature of the parent’s relationship.  

If divorced, people seeking help with child custody issues need an experienced family lawyer.  Even if the parents have not been married they may still need help deciding custody and child support issues.

In such situations, a good family lawyer can be of help.

Family members concerned about a child’s safety can seek guardianship using a family lawyer.

Family Mediation is a family focused decision-making process where you, together with a neutral Family Mediator, will find and create solutions to your divorce issues.  Guided assistance from an experienced mediator can result in an outcome which can be a win/win for both parties.

Collaborative Family Law is the agreement between the parties to settle their matter(s) and disputes without going to court.  Keep the power of your decisions in your own hands rather than inside the court process.