About Me

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.

– Christopher Reeve

In 2011 at 50 years old I made the decision to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  During the climb, I had plenty of time to contemplate how many times in life we find ourselves on what feels like a ‘mountain’ that seems difficult or impossible to ascend.  In reality, sometimes all it requires is commitment and support from someone who knows the best route or path to take.  As a ‘mountain climber’, I am prepared to get on that mountain with you until we reach the summit.


Working with a lawyer is generally not motivated by the best things in life we are facing.  Sometimes it’s a divorce, the need for a Will, or requiring an advocate for a personal injury tragedy.  Sometimes it is a great thing, like getting support to buy a home.  No matter what the need, or ‘mountain’ you may be facing, I promise to bring 30 years of experience and a solid commitment to using that experience to bring you an efficient, well managed experience, and to reach whatever the ‘summit’ for you may be.


I value collaboration, and see our working together as a collaborative partnership with the sole intention of finding a solution to whatever your legal need is.  I strive to leave you with an experience that allows you to look back on the process and makes you feel like you were represented in a way that you felt you were truly understood, and given solid counsel and advice to make the journey up that mountain less painful, so that when you reach the summit, you feel relieved and successful and ready to climb off that mountain and move forward into whatever the future holds.


My ideal client is someone who also values working together to find a win/win.  Anyone facing Family Law challenges, Motor Vehicle Personal injury Claims, Wills and Estate Planning or all Real Estate needs I am at your service.  I am a certified Collaborative Family Lawyer and Mediator.